(a) The above competitions will be run by Competition Secretaries appointed by the Surrey Squash Rackets Association in accordance with the following rules.
  (b) To qualify for entry to the Competitions:
  (1) Clubs must be affiliated to England Squash for the current year.
[Due to the subscription request date by England Squash and the possibility of legitimate negotiation of subscription levels between England Squash and clubs, the inclusion of clubs not currently affiliated will be at the sole discretion of the Surrey SRA League Secretary. However, if the previous year’s subscription remains unpaid, no club will be allowed entry.]
  (2) Entry forms must be received prior to the final entry date decided by the Competition Secretaries. If entry forms are not received before this date, teams will not be included.
  (3) League fees are invoiced once the various leagues are started, typically after the start of the Summer and Winter seasons. Failure to pay these invoices will result in the automatic withdrawal of the associated teams.
  (c) Unless otherwise specified, all Men’s and Ladies leagues are governed by the same rules, as laid out in this document. Junior leagues are subject to rules decided by the relevant league organiser.


  (a) Surrey Cup
  (1) The Competition is for teams of five players in the Winter league and four players in the Summer league.
  (2) The Competition shall be arranged in divisions of eight teams (where possible), to consist of two top Divisions 1 and 2, and two parallel sections of equal merit below this level, (called Blue and Red) commencing at Division 3.
  (3) From Division 3 and below, if there are two teams from the same Club in the same Division they will be separated, one in Blue and one in Red.
  (4) Where applicable, there will be a one or two week gap designed to coincide with school half terms for both state and private schools. However, changes in dates may make this unworkable.
  (5) Where applicable, and assuming that the dates have been published before the start of the league, the week of the British National Squash Championships will be left clear from the fixture schedule.
  (b) Ann Price Surrey Trophy
  (1) The Competition is for teams of 4 or 3 players as demand dictates.
  (2) The number of teams in each division shall be decided as required.
  (c) Surrey Veterans League
  (1) The Competition is for teams of five players.
  (d) Surrey Vintage League
  (1) The Competition is for teams of three players.


  (a) The following shall be eligible to play for a club:
  (1) A recognised member of the club.
  (2) Surrey Veterans League: Men must be over 45 on the day of the match or 40 in the case of ladies.
  (3) Surrey Vintage League: Men must be over 55 on the day of the match or 50 in the case of ladies.
  Note: For the Vets and Vintage leagues, a player may play as soon as they reach their birthday but they must have been nominated at the start of the relevant half. If not, they must wait until the second half when they can be correctly nominated, or in the case of a birthday during the second half, they will not be allowed to play that season.
  [PENALTY: Where a person plays for a club without being a member as specified above, they will be immediately excluded from playing for that club for the rest of the league season, will be deemed ineligible for any matches they have played and the associated penalties applied.]
  (b) No player may represent more than one Club during the same season in each Competition, except with the prior approval of the relevant Competition Secretary. Such applications shall be in writing. Where approval is granted, a player may not play again for the original club during the same Competition.
[It is perfectly acceptable for a player to be a member of two clubs, and indeed to play Surrey Cup for one club and Vets for another, for instance. Under most circumstances, it is also acceptable for a player to move clubs half way through a season and play for a different club than they did in the first half. However, as stated above, this MUST be agreed by the League Secretary.]

[PENALTY: Immediate exclusion from the competition for the player concerned, they will be deemed ineligible for any matches they have played and the associated penalties applied. Where it is unclear as to which club the player was correctly nominated, penalties may be applied to all teams for which the person played.]
  (c) Only players named on the nomination list for the relevant period may play in any matches, except as stated below for the bottom team in a club. Initial nominations must be entered on the league web site prior to the night of the first match of the relevant team, with second half nominations entered prior to the first match of the second half. The nomination list for any team must contain at least as many players as make up a side for the particular league.

For the bottom team ONLY in a club, any eligible member is deemed to be ‘playable’, even if not included in the current nomination list for that team. This allows the team to use players in the bottom team only to “make up the numbers” where injury or holidays would not otherwise allow a full team to be available.
[This also means that the bottom team in the Winter Surrey Cup does not require players to have qualified for the last few matches as stated in Rule 3(k) below.]

Such players can be added by a club via the admin login and MUST be done prior to playing.
  (d) All players are restricted to playing in the team for which they are currently nominated or in a higher team, as allowed under the rules, except as stated in Rule 3c.
[You may not under any circumstances play in a lower team than that for which you are currently nominated.]
  (e) A player who plays for a higher team(s) that that for which they are currently nominated, has “played up” and there are limits associated with the following competitions:
  1) All Leagues

The number of times a player may play up is twice per half.

Any player who “plays up” more than the limit, is deemed to be “team tied” to the higher team, and cannot then play in any lower team for the rest of the season.
[A player team tied in the first half can remain nominated in their original team for the second half, although cannot actually play in that team. This allows the order of relative strength of players to be maintained.]

The team to which you are tied is considered as follows :

1) If at least one of your "play ups" is to the team immediately above that for which you were originally nominated, then you are tied to that team. (e.g.: if nominated for the 3rd team in Surrey Cup and you play up twice for the 1st team and once for the 2nd team, you are tied to the 2nd team.)

2) If none of your "play ups" were for the team immediately above that for which you were nominated, then you are tied to at least two teams above. (ego: if nominated for the 3rd team in Surrey Cup and you play up three times for the 1st team, you are tied to the 1st team.)

3) If at the point of being tied to a particular team, any of your "play ups" were to a team above that to which you have just been tied, then those "play ups" remains against you for the rest of that half. (e.g.: if nominated for the 3rd team in Surrey Cup and you play up twice for the 1st team and once for the 2nd team, then you are tied to the 2nd team, but if you then play up once more into the 1st team, then you are immediately tied to the 1st team.)
  2) Surrey Trophy ( Ladies) Only

The above rules shall apply except that in exceptional circumstances, the relevant league organiser may waive this rule, and a player re-nominated for a lower team will be allowed to play up the permitted number of times before being tied to the higher team, like any other member of the lower team.
  (f) Playing order
  (1) Surrey Cup: All players must play in the order as given on the appropriate nomination list on League Master. However, for any fixture, one ‘swap’ of players is allowed as long as they are in consecutive positions in the relevant nomination list. This swap can only be done once.
[Note this refers to nominated order. Just because two players happen to be playing one below the other on the night, does not allow them to swap, unless their actual nomination order is also one below the other.]
  (2) Vets and Vintage: All players must play in the order as given on the appropriate nomination list. However, for any match, one interchange of players may be allowed from that declared on the match card.
[As long as two players are next to each other in the order of play, they may swap, regardless of the underlying nomination. This takes precedence over rule (g) below.]
  (g) No player from a lower team may play above a player nominated for any higher team.
  (h) Match cards are no longer required. However, team captains MUST be clear about the playing order prior to any strings going on court.
  (i) Only two nominations are allowed per season, one for each half of the season, with each being entered before the first match of each half.
[The old concept of a re-nomination no longer exists. In addition, new members can only be nominated through the two allowed nominations. If a new member joins after the start of the season, they cannot play until the second half and if they join after the start of the second half, they cannot play at all.]
  (j) No player re-nominated for a lower team may subsequently play for any higher team. A player re-nominated for the same team may play in a higher team only if remaining eligible under Rule 3(e), “playing up”.
  (k) Winter Surrey Cup only: Players shall be required to play for their club in the Winter Surrey Cup on a minimum of 3 occasions before the last 3 matches of any division. However, in line with Rule 3(c) above this does not apply to the bottom team in a club.
[This rule, while it may on occasions be tough for clubs trying to encourage young players who are not always available, is nevertheless a fair way to prevent teams from bringing in last minute players against the spirit of the leagues. Note that where a tie is rearranged as allowed under Rule 4(d) this does not bypass the need to have played 3 matches.
This rule is based upon 8 team divisions and may be modified where less than 8 teams are in a particular division.]


  (a) Each team shall play two matches, one at home and one away, against all teams in the division. No matches may be played as double headers, i.e. teams may NOT agree to play both home and away matches as one fixture.
  (b) If two teams from the same club are in the same division then these shall be the first fixtures in each half of the season and may not be re-arranged.
  (c) If two teams from the same club are in the same Division Group (Divisions R and B are not considered the same division), they must be treated as completely separate pools of players and no one from one team may play in the other team. A player in a lower team may, however, play for either team, assuming they are eligible.
[There is no well understood terminology for “Divisions” 3R and 3B, for instance, being separate divisions and yet both being in the “Division Group” of Division 3, but the above rule should be pretty clear. Under normal circumstances this rule will only apply to Divisions 1 and 2.]
  (d) Rearranged Strings
  (1) Surrey Cup: The only event where individual strings may be rearranged is the week of the British National Squash Championships. However, the league schedule will be arranged so that no fixtures are played on that week, so in effect no rearranged strings will be necessary or allowed.

(2) Vets: Due to Vets matches being played on a Saturday and the number of events that are scheduled over weekends, individual strings may be rearranged for the Surrey Closed Tournament or for any regional masters competitions.
  (e) Individual strings re-arranged under Rule 4(d) must be played within 14 days of the original date or the team requesting the postponement shall concede the tie. In addition, the string must be played at the home club of the team that did not request the rearrangement.
  (f) (1) Surrey Cup; Ann Price Surrey Trophy; Summer Surrey Cup; Surrey Veterans League: At least three players from each side should be present at the previously agreed starting time of the match. Once play has commenced it shall be continuous until the completion of the last tie. In the event of court time running out, the team causing the delay in starting the match shall forfeit the unplayed rubber(s).

(2) Summer Surrey Trophy: All players from each team must be present at the agreed match start time. In the event of court time running out, the team causing the delay in starting the match shall forfeit the unplayed rubber(s).

[Clearly there are two issues here. One is that unless teams start promptly, the matches go on very late and the other is that unless there are at least four players at the start, then a match may not have a marker. With the problems of traffic and work commitments, it is possibly wishful thinking to expect all 10 players to arrive on time, but every effort should be made to do so.]
  (g) If a player fails to arrive and the other rubbers have been completed, that player’s team forfeits the contest at the missing string’s position and below, i.e. the whole match if it is the 1st string player. In exceptional circumstances, and after written application to the Competition Secretary, the missing player’s team may be allowed to retain the points from the completed ties as the player may be judged to be technically late as opposed to missing.
  (h) Where an eligible player plays out of their correct nominated order, as specified in the rules, they shall lose the tie.
[If two players swap positions for a match, yet their nominated positions are not consecutive as required under Rule 3(f), only one will actually have played out of position. The rest of the match results stand.]
  (i) Any tie won by, and below, an ineligible player shall be counted as a loss.
  (j) Matches played in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 in the Surrey Cup and Vets Division 1, will be played as PAR 11. All other divisions will play as PAR 15.
  (k) Where courts for fixtures in Divisions 1 & 2 in the Surrey Cup have a moveable ‘tin’, with the agreement of the opposing team captains it may be lowered in keeping with squash at a professional level.
  (l) All matches shall be officiated by both teams from the players present.
  (m) Prior to 1st October of any season, the Surrey SRA requires that a nominated player from each team should have attended an official referee and markers course held by the Surrey SRA.


  (a) A playoff match shall be considered as an additional fixture to the relevant league and as such will use exactly the same rules for eligibility of players.
[ For the Winter playoffs, this includes the requirement to have played a certain number of times - see Rule 3(k). So if a player was not eligible for the last matches, they are not eligible for the playoffs.]


  (a) For all leagues 1 point shall be scored for each individual game won.
  (b) Bonus points will be added to the team games scores as follows:
  For teams of 5 players, 4 bonus points shall be added as a result of a match won.
  For teams of 3 players, 3 bonus points shall be added as a result of a match won.
  For teams of 4 players, 3 bonus points shall be awarded to a team winning the match 4-0 or 3-1

(3) If the ties are 2-2 then the side winning the most games shall be awarded 1 bonus points.

(4) If the total games are the same, the side winning the most individual game points shall be awarded 1 bonus points.

(5) If the ties are 2-2, the total games are equal, and the total points are the same, the bonus points are NOT awarded.
  (g) Withdrawn Team

Where a team is withdrawn from the leagues before half way, all matches are deemed void and the scores reset to 0-0. Where the withdrawal is after the half way point, all first half scores will stand but scores after the half way will be deemed void and reset to 0-0.


  (a) Where a team does not turn up for a fixture with the correct number of players, they will be penalised 2 points for each missing player.
  (b) Where a team gives more than 2 complete fixture walkovers in any one half of a league, they will be deemed to have withdrawn from the league and all fixtures in that half will be set to a 0-0 result.
  (c) Where a team gives more than 20 individual player walkovers over the whole league, they will be deemed to have withdrawn from the league and all fixtures will be set to a 0-0 result.
  (d) Where a team gives a complete fixture walkover within the last 3 fixtures of the second half of the league, and where such a walkover may effect the promotion or relegation of another team, the points awarded for the walkover may be subject to adjustment by the Competition Secretary in the interest of fairness.
[ This would particularly be the case where a team gains points for the walkover which they would almost certainly not have done if the fixture had been played.]


  Promotion and relegation shall be decided as follows:
  (a) Surrey Cup
(1) The bottom team in Division 1 will be relegated and the winner of Division 2 will be promoted. The second from bottom team in Division 1 will play the runner up of Division 2 in a playoff, the winner being promoted or remaining in Division 1 as applicable.
  (2) The bottom two teams in Division 2 will be relegated. The winners of Divisions 3B and 3R will be promoted. The second place team in Divisions 3B and 3R will remain in Division 3.
  (3) The bottom two teams in Divisions 3B and 3R will be relegated to Division 4 and the top two teams in Divisions 4B and 4R will be promoted. This system will continue for all lower divisions.
  (b) Vets and Vintage
  (1) The top two teams in each division will be offered promotion.
  (2) The bottom two teams in each division will be relegated.
  (b) All Competitions
  (1) In the event of a tied position between two or more teams, the team with the most number of match wins during the season will determine the winner. If they are equal, the team with the least number of points against them will determine the winner.
  (c) Next Seasons Divisions
Provided that promotions gained are not disturbed, the relevant Competition Secretary may fill vacancies, add further divisions, reduce the number of divisions or alter the number of teams in a division. In exceptional circumstances teams may be promoted or relegated by more than one division at the absolute discretion of the Competition Secretary.


  (a) Home clubs shall be held responsible for arranging the dates and starting times of the matches and for reporting results. The first match must be scheduled to commence by 19:30 in order to complete the overall match by an acceptable time.
  (b) Winter Surrey Cup only: All Division 1 matches will be played on Wednesday evenings.
  (c) Surrey Veterans League only: Matches shall all be played on Saturday afternoons, in accordance with the fixtures schedule issued by the Competition Secretary.
  (d) All Competitions
  (1) Results of all ties shall be recorded on the League Master web site, giving the names of all players and the full scores or a note added in respect of ties postponed under Rule 6(d). Ties not so recorded shall be deemed to have been won by the away team.
  (2) Matches will be played on the dates agreed by the Fixtures Secretaries within the scheduled dates allocated by the Competition Secretary. No matches may be re-arranged but home and away fixtures may be reversed if both teams are in agreement. If exceptional circumstances dictate, then a written request for re-arrangement should be made to the relevant Competition Secretary or Co-ordinator prior to the scheduled date of the match. Any such request must be accompanied by an agreed rearranged match date, accepted by both clubs.
[It has long been accepted that in violation of this rule, teams ring up and rearrange matches and the opposing teams feel obliged to accede. This simply creates problems further down the line. Do not do it, and remember, if you do and the match is subsequently not played, no team gets any points.]
  (3) Any first half matches that have been authorised for re-arrangement by the Competition Secretary must be played before the start of the second half of the season. Any re-arranged second half matches must be played by 2 weeks after the final scheduled match date. If any re-arranged match is not played by the required date the club requesting the re-arrangement will forfeit the match and a walkover be awarded.
  (e) The official recording of all results will be via the League Master web site and the home team is responsible for entering the result on the web site within 5 days of the fixture date. Failure to do this will result in a 4 point penalty.
  (f) Winter Surrey Cup, Winter Surrey Trophy and Vintage only:

The Home Club must provide adequate refreshments for the visiting team. Anyone who is unable to stay for these should inform the home team captain 48 hours before the match in order to avoid home teams being charged for match food that is not required. The onus is therefore on the player not staying to inform the opposition - failure to do so may result in that player having to pay for the cost of the meal. (Meals are not provided for the Summer Surrey Cup or Summer Surrey Trophy matches) Common rules of hospitality will apply in that it is not expected that the home team will have to pay for more than two drinks per opponent after the match unless agreed otherwise by the respective captains.
[This is a rule that must be treated sensibly. If players turn up on time and matches start when they should, then there will be time at the end for a sociable meal, drink and conversation, something that most people would agree, is part of the reason for playing team squash. However, some clubs have no normal catering facilities at that time in the evening and usually have to send out for a curry or fish and chips. In these cases, it is quite reasonable for them to wish to offer a light meal, such as sandwiches, crisps and any other food that is easy to prepare in advance and will not necessarily need heating up. If this is the case, then most teams will understand.]
  (g) Usage of League Master Web Site

All nominations and results are to be entered on the League Master web site, as directed within the rules. However, it is the responsibility of each team to know when their matches are to be played and who is eligible, regardless of what may or may not be indicated on the web site.

All automatic emails sent by the League Master results monitoring system are advisory only. Where there is any apparent conflict or contradiction with the rules, the current rules as stated in this document shall be the deciding factor.


  (a) The Rules of Play shall be those of England Squash.
  (b) Although the Rules of Play include behaviour on court, a specific requirement for the Surrey Leagues is that of good conduct. All players are required to conduct themselves at all times in a sporting and polite manner and no swearing or abusive behaviour will be tolerated.
  (c) All disputes or queries shall be notified in writing to the relevant Competition Secretary whose decision shall be final.
  (d) The decision of the Competition Secretary in all matters not covered by the forgoing rules shall be final.
  (e) Any matters of unacceptable conduct in the course any match being played in these competitions shall be referred to the SSRA Disciplinary sub-committee who are empowered to deal with all such matters.
  (f) It is accepted that these rules may not cover every situation. Clubs are expected to comply with the spirit of these rules, particularly where any loopholes exist.