The latest version of the rules have now been issued.

The main rules for the Surrey leagues are available here. (No longer in pdf format).

The main changes are as follows:

1. For Vets and Vintage leagues, players may play in matches from the day of the relevant birthday as previously. However, they must have been nominated at the beginning of the relevant half.

2. For Vets and Vintage leagues, players may only play up twice after which they will become team tied. Previously they were allowed to play up three times, but this rule change brings them into line with all other leagues.

3. For the Surrey Cup, no individual strings may be rearranged. Previously, playing in certain events allowed players to do this. However, the only event that will now be considered is the British National Championships but the fixture schedule will allow for this and no matches will be played during that week. Therefore no rearrangements will be required.

4. For Vets fixtures, which are all played on a Saturday, there are several events which may clash, so rearranging individual strings is allowed for anyone playing in the Surrey Closed or a Regional Masters Event. Where this happens, the string must be played at the home club of the team that did not request the rearrangement, which may not be the venue of the main fixture.

5. Wherever possible, all weekday fixtures should start at 7.30 rather than 7.45. There has always been a problem with players turning up late anyway but the later you start, the more of a problem it becomes for catering and general club hospitality.

Apart from the Rules specific to the Surrey leagues, the World Squash Federation issue the definitive Rules of Squash, which everyone must be aware of. They also issue guidelines on Rule 17, Conduct on Court. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the documents below.

World Squash Federation Rules of Squash
Guidelines for Rule 15

Code of Conduct

England Squash have issued a Code of Conduct, which you are all urged to read, whether you are a team captain, player, referee, marker or just a spectator. It provides guidelines as to how you are expected to behave and what penalties can be expected should anyone incur diciplinary action. In particular, you are urged to read section 12 covering "GUIDANCE DEALING WITH DISCIPLINARY OFFENCES, DISCIPLINARY HEARINGS AND APPEALS".

In addition, a Conduct Report Form is provided, and a copy should be taken by every team for possible use in reporting an incident to Surrey SRA, or England Squash.

A specific Referees Code of Conduct is also available and EVERY team player must read this. This is written for referees at a level above that of county leagues, but it provides a useful guide.

Code of Conduct
Conduct Report Form
Referees Code of Conduct