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Teams in: Winter League 2019/20 

Team NameDivision 
Ashtead 1Division 4RView Fixtures/Results
Ashtead 2Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
Bourne 1Division 5BView Fixtures/Results
Bourne 2Division 6BView Fixtures/Results
Cheam 1Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
Cheam 2Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
Colets 1Division 1View Fixtures/Results
Colets 2Division 2View Fixtures/Results
Colets 3Division 3BView Fixtures/Results
Colets 4Division 4RView Fixtures/Results
Colets 5Division 5BView Fixtures/Results
David Lloyd Farnham 1Division 5RView Fixtures/Results
David Lloyd Farnham 2Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
David Lloyd Farnham 3Division 8BView Fixtures/Results
David Lloyd Purley 1Division 1View Fixtures/Results
David Lloyd Purley 2Division 4BView Fixtures/Results
David Lloyd Purley 3Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
David Lloyd Purley 4Division 7RView Fixtures/Results
DC Leisure 1Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
Dorking 1Division 2View Fixtures/Results
Dorking 2Division 5RView Fixtures/Results
Dorking 3Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
Ebbisham 1Division 4RView Fixtures/Results
Ebbisham 2Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
Ebbisham 3Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
Grafton 1Division 4RView Fixtures/Results
Grafton 2Division 7RView Fixtures/Results
Grafton 3Division 8BView Fixtures/Results
Horley 1Division 2View Fixtures/Results
Horley 2Division 4BView Fixtures/Results
Horley 3Division 5RView Fixtures/Results
Horley 4Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
Kings Club 1Division 6BView Fixtures/Results
Kings Club 2Division 8BView Fixtures/Results
Lensbury 1Division 3RView Fixtures/Results
Lensbury 2Division 5BView Fixtures/Results
Lensbury 3Division 7RView Fixtures/Results
Limpsfield 1Division 2View Fixtures/Results
Limpsfield 2Division 3RView Fixtures/Results
Limpsfield 3Division 5RView Fixtures/Results
Limpsfield 4Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
Limpsfield 5Division 7RView Fixtures/Results
Limpsfield 6 (withdrawn)Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
Meadhurst 1Division 6RView Fixtures/Results
Meadhurst 2Division 8BView Fixtures/Results
New Malden 1Division 3BView Fixtures/Results
New Malden 2Division 4RView Fixtures/Results
New Malden 3Division 5RView Fixtures/Results
New Malden 4Division 7RView Fixtures/Results
New Malden 5Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
Nuffield West Byfleet 1Division 1View Fixtures/Results
Nuffield West Byfleet 2Division 4BView Fixtures/Results
Nuffield West Byfleet 3Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
Nuffield West Byfleet 4Division 8BView Fixtures/Results
Oxshott 1Division 5RView Fixtures/Results
Oxshott 2Division 6RView Fixtures/Results
Oxshott 3Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
Purley 1Division 2View Fixtures/Results
Purley 2Division 3BView Fixtures/Results
Purley 3Division 3RView Fixtures/Results
Purley 4Division 6BView Fixtures/Results
Purley 5Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
Purley 6Division 8BView Fixtures/Results
Purley 7Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
RAC 1Division 3RView Fixtures/Results
RAC 2Division 4RView Fixtures/Results
RAC 3Division 6RView Fixtures/Results
Redhill 1Division 6BView Fixtures/Results
Redhill 2Division 8BView Fixtures/Results
Reigate 1Division 3BView Fixtures/Results
Reigate 2Division 4BView Fixtures/Results
Reigate 3Division 5BView Fixtures/Results
Reigate 4Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
Sandown Sports 1Division 3RView Fixtures/Results
Sandown Sports 2Division 6RView Fixtures/Results
Sandown Sports 3Division 7RView Fixtures/Results
Sandown Sports 4Division 8BView Fixtures/Results
Sandown Sports 5Division 8RView Fixtures/Results
Sheen 1Division 6BView Fixtures/Results
Spencer 1Division 4BView Fixtures/Results
Spencer 2Division 6RView Fixtures/Results
Spencer 3Division 7RView Fixtures/Results
St.George's Hill 1Division 1View Fixtures/Results
St.George's Hill 2Division 4BView Fixtures/Results
St.George's Hill 3Division 4RView Fixtures/Results
St.George's Hill 4Division 5BView Fixtures/Results
St.George's Hill 5Division 6RView Fixtures/Results
Surbiton 1Division 1View Fixtures/Results
Surbiton 2Division 3BView Fixtures/Results
Surbiton 3Division 5RView Fixtures/Results
Surbiton 4Division 6BView Fixtures/Results
Surbiton 5Division 7BView Fixtures/Results
Surbiton 6Division 8BView Fixtures/Results
Surrey Sports Park 1Division 1View Fixtures/Results
Surrey Sports Park 2Division 2View Fixtures/Results
Surrey Sports Park 3Division 3RView Fixtures/Results
Surrey Sports Park 4Division 4RView Fixtures/Results
Surrey Sports Park 5Division 5BView Fixtures/Results
Surrey Sports Park 6Division 6BView Fixtures/Results
Sutton Tennis & Squash 1Division 3RView Fixtures/Results
Sutton Tennis & Squash 2Division 7RView Fixtures/Results
The Wimbledon Club 1Division 1View Fixtures/Results
The Wimbledon Club 2Division 3BView Fixtures/Results
The Wimbledon Club 3Division 4BView Fixtures/Results
The Wimbledon Club 4Division 5RView Fixtures/Results
The Wimbledon Club 5Division 7RView Fixtures/Results
Warlingham 1 (withdrawn)Division 6RView Fixtures/Results
Wimbledon Racquets 1Division 1View Fixtures/Results
Wimbledon Racquets 2Division 2View Fixtures/Results
Wimbledon Racquets 3Division 3BView Fixtures/Results
Wimbledon Racquets 4Division 3RView Fixtures/Results
Wimbledon Racquets 5Division 5BView Fixtures/Results
Wimbledon Racquets 6Division 6RView Fixtures/Results
Woking 1Division 2View Fixtures/Results
Woking 2Division 3BView Fixtures/Results
Woking 3Division 4BView Fixtures/Results
Woking 4Division 6BView Fixtures/Results


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