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Division: Division 4B
Home Team: New Malden 2
Away Team: Surbiton 4
Date:19 Oct 2023 (confirmed)
Time:07:30 pm
Verified:22 Oct 2023 by Paul Gladwell

NomHome PlayerNomAway PlayerResultGames
 (walkover)4-2Rory Duthie03 
2-4Wilf Baker4-4Emmeline Gale0311/7 11/7 11/3
2-6Ian Parkes4-5Hayley Openshaw-Blower0311/6 11/3 11/4
2-5Shaun Viljoen4-6Steve Cruden0311/4 11/5 11/8
2-8Adrian Siniscalco5-4Ian Chicken0311/0 11/8 11/1

Report: Thanks for games v sorry for our number 1 mishap!! He apologises profusely for not turning up.

Unclear how to enter this into system so will follow up with league.
Author: Ian Parkes

Away Report
Away Report:' '
Author:Paul Gladwell

Administrator Notes
Notes: Unfortunately a no-show at 1st string means a walkover for all matches and a 0-19 result.